These are some of the questions I'm often asked when I visit schools.


How many books have you made?

I’ve made 20 books — 16 of them were co-written with my husband Steve Jenkins.


How long does it take to make a book?

From the time I begin work on a book until I have a finished copy in hand, it might be two years. But I’m not working on just one book for all that time. Typically, I'm working on two or three books at different stages.


How old were you when you wrote your first book?



Where do your ideas for books come from?

I’ve always loved children’s books, and I collected many — both old and new — before I had children of my own. My first book was a result of a handmade bookmaking class I took in New York City. Many of the books I worked on with Steve were inspired by our kids and the activities we did with them. Others had their start in a conversation with Steve about some new cool fact one of us came across. Frequently, in doing research for one book, we come across interesting information that inspires a future title.


What’s your favorite animal?

I love our golden retriever, but cats are amazing animals to watch.


What’s the most fun part of making a book?

Coming up with an idea and starting to research it. Another part of the bookmaking process I really enjoy is the design — working out how the pages will look when the type and illustrations come together.