Animals walk, leap, climb, and swim. Some roll or turn flips. Others fly or glide, and a few are even jet-propelled. These creatures are found in many shapes and sizes. They come equipped with legs, fins, wings, or tentacles,
and they often get from place
to place in surprising ways.
Have you ever seen . . .



Every living creature requires a way to travel from one place to another, as showcased in this informative exploration of animal mobility. The engaging narrative is organized by type of locomotion, such as walking, leaping, swimming, climbing, and flying. The layout of the accompanying text further emphasizes the sense of movement. Back matter provides additional information. This fine overview is destined to be a popular addition to any science collection.                                               — School Journal Library, starred review


In another of their expert examinations of biodiversity, frequent husband-and-wife collaborators Jenkins and Page explore the ways nearly 50 creatures move on land, in the sea, and underwater. As usual, Jenkins’s collages capture the animals’ distinctive characteristics with precision and attention to detail.   — Publisher’s Weekly, starred review


The award-winning husband-and-wife team neatly categorize animal locomotion into seven distinct groups and then introduce each section with a common animal and basic information regarding its typical movement. With a collection of more than 40 species, this spectacular arrangement of creatures is delicately rendered in Jenkins’ signature, eye-catching collage style. Closing with a list of categories and its accompanying critters, this is highly educational and a treat to behold.                                                          — Booklist



32 pages

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt      May 2016


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